Consigning to our auctions is an easy process. Here's the deal:

NO Seller's Fees !

$5 Listing Fee per item 

Never a duplicate coin in our auctions !

That's it, sit back and cash your checks!


We currently accept all coins and currency certified by PCGS, NGC, PMG, and ANACS. For coins with established wholesale bid prices, the starting price is 60% of that number. For items that do not have a well established wholesale trading price, we start the auctions at 45-55% of retail. All consigned items sell without reserve. We only permit one of any specific coin and grade in an auction. We try to keep it to one coin regardless of grade. We will only list duplicate coins if there is at least a two point spread in grades. For example, we try to limit 1881-S Morgan Dollars to one per auction to get you the best price. If we had more than one it is possible that we might list one in MS-63 and one in MS-65 (a two point spread). 

Step 1: Contact us to submit your coins for our 2020 Auction Schedule well in advance of the consignment deadline.

Step 2: We will review your submission and determine which lots will go in upcoming auctions, determine an estimate and opening bid, and communicate this to you.

Step 3: We will send payment to you within 30 days of receiving payment from the buyer. In the event the item does not sell, it will be re-listed up to three times at no additional charge to you. If a buyer does not pay, we will re-list the item at no additional charge to you.