About Us


Penny Pincher Coins started in 2007 in Fairfax, VA as a multi-channel coin and currency dealer. Over the years, we have opened and upgraded our store in Fairfax City, opened another store in Great Falls, VA and have recently launched our own rare coin and currency auction site, PennyPincherAuctions.com.  We have a professional staff of five and a full time professional photographer to provide exceptional digital photographs of the items we auction. We are a real, live, in person business that you can visit, call, or email. If you have a problem, you can come here and kick us in the shins until it gets fixed - no call centers in Malaysia to navigate. You can also arrange to view auction lots in either of our locations and pick up lots you've won to eliminate shipping charges. 

We are a full service rare coin and currency dealer and auctioneer. We buy and sell raw and certified U.S. coins, gold coins, and paper money. We also have a strong presence in the World Coin and currency market and ancient coins from Rome, Greece, and other empires. Buying from our contacts in Europe or buying collections in the Washington, DC market gives us access to some very exciting material. 

We opened this sight because we felt that the coin business, and especially auctions, had gotten way too serious. This isn't the New York Stock Exchange, it's a couple of guys with old coins who want to share them with other collectors. It's a hobby. It's supposed to be fun. We are currently running standard live auction events that end each Sunday evening. We plan to launch the old Mail Bid sales, or Silent Proxy Auctions as they are known in auction circles. Essentially, it is a fire and forget auction. Put your best bid in. No one knows where the item stands until bidding is closed and the highest bidder is revealed. That way you don't have to dedicate time to watching an auction close - you can go about your business and we'll let you know if you won.


Our Fairfax Store:

Penny Pincher Coins

10409-A Main St.

Fairfax, VA 22030




Our Great Falls Store:

Penny Pincher Coins

1144-D Walker Rd.

Great Falls, VA 22066





For Delivery of Goods, Please mail to:

iMarketing LLC

PO Box 726

Fairfax, VA 22038